Intellijel’s Flurry is a module filled with noise

It’s not simply static anymore. Noise could be a supply of sample and form, sound colours, and selection. Intellijel’s Flurry builds on the corporate’s earlier outing in noise – and it provides a complete lot extra. Right here’s a primary look.

I simply received within the Flurry for overview, so I’ll do a deeper dive quickly. However I had already waxed poetic about Flurry’s predecessor, Noise Instruments 1U. Truthfully, I had purchased up a b-stock of that module, and after I revealed it turned out it wasn’t out there. However Flurry does all that unit did and extra (that means you would possibly begin with that overview).

Flurry started with well-liked demand for a 3U model of Noise Instruments, in keeping with Intellijel’s Danjel van Tijn, however it grew. So that you begin with the mixture of clock, samples and maintain, fundamental noise sources, and slew -but you then add extra.

  • Extra noise synthesis. Now you may cycle by cymbal noise, white noise with tilt filter, a tunable white noise loop, chaotic noise, chorused and phased white noise, artificial wind FX, Perlin noise, vinyl crackle (pops + clicks + hiss), a shortwave emulation – they clearly received carried away, in a great way.
  • Pink noise is improved. Even the pink noise supply is an improve from Noise Instruments – now with a flatter response utilizing a extra complicated filter.
  • Morphing! Along with all these 16 noise varieties, every has 2 morph parameters – and one with a modulation enter.
  • New sound sources. There’s additionally a particle generator, random frequency modulated wavelets, a financial institution of FM drums, 3-operator FM noise, and even a 4-op FM patch generator. So that is actually a multi-functional FM oscillator.
  • Slew now has route and envelope follower. Slew is definitely a part of what for me makes the unique Noise Instruments so invaluable – you should utilize noise and pattern & maintain to generate sculpted contours for different stuff, which is the entire great thing about modular. Now it has route – up, down, or each. Plus there’s envelope follower mode. (It’s full-wave rectified after which pre-slewed with a 75 Hz LPF, or … truly for the remainder of us, let’s simply persist with the “envelope follower” description).
  • There’s extra management of the clock. You are able to do fine-tuned clock management now, lastly, and there’s a RUN jack for gated management. I form of just like the broad-stroke clock of the unique, however it’s good to have the selection to tame it once you want.

Okay, that is yet one more module with a zillion completely different features packed into it that you just cycle by utilizing LED codes you might not have the ability to bear in mind. Perhaps that’s the lingering Mutable Devices / customized Mutable firmware impact? (Not less than colour is concerned right here – that I can most likely retailer in my mind, even when the varied blinking patterns on some modules, not a lot.)

However these sources all look usable, I truthfully anticipate an occasional completely satisfied accident as you cycle by will nonetheless be enjoyable, and morph with modulation makes it important.

Reality be informed, if this did nothing greater than stick Noise Instruments in 3U as-is I’d be glad to have one other module, particularly with expanded slew and envelope follower. Keep tuned for a overview of this one. I believe the Buchla Supply of Uncertainty is nice, however it’s additionally essential to have new concepts round noise sources.

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