JT will get threatened by FINESSE2TYMES after she compares him to an “ugly” child

After calling JT of Metropolis Women “ugly” on social media, Finesse2Tymes threatened him.

Lil Uzi Vert, JT’s boyfriend, replied to criticism of his new alter persona, Leslie, whose gender-fluid look and demeanor have alienated followers, which sparked the argument.

Uzi, within the voice of Leslie Chow from The Hangover, remarked in an Instagram Story, “Chow perceive individuals don’t like manner of chow.” “However chow don’t give af chow wealthy and by no means look again…… suck my monkey tail LESLIE OUT.” Leslie mentioned.

The Shade Room’s article then acquired a comment from a supporter accusing JT of “taking Metropolis Women down” by courting the androgynous rapper.

JT responded on Thursday (April 20), reportedly after wanting on the girl’s Instagram, writing: “ugly child and useless father.”

The singer of “Act Up” responded to criticism from one other Instagram person who mentioned she went too far by making enjoyable of the girl’s little one and deceased mother or father by doubling down and equating the teenager with Finesse2Tymes.

“That child appears like finesse 2 x’s,” she wrote. “Please depart me alone. I’m not bothering nobody.”

She defended her conduct by writing: “I don’t should be good to ppl who’s not good to me!” in one other reply.

Afterwards, Finesse2Tymes responded to JT on his Instagram Tales, disputing her assertion that he lacked pure magnificence.

“Aye, JT, what you speaking about ugly?” he mentioned in a video. “Oooh, phrase? What you speaking about ugly? Oooh, the way you say it? Metropolis Women simply went down.”

He then expressed his risk to the Miami resident in a unique Put up, writing: “Guess she mad trigger I mentioned I can’t do nun wit no skinny ho. Simply don’t know, I’ll throw u within the air and ‘BREAK U’ earlier than u hit the bottom.”

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After the back-and-forth, JT moved to Twitter to reply to her vital remarks and demand on her innocence.

“Ppl will consistently choose on you & name you upset whenever you reply,” she wrote. “I’m not mad, haven’t any purpose to be mad! However you mad trigger I’m not supplying you with the clarification you need?

“So that you gone consistently bully me for what you wanna hear nah ima speak about you unhealthy with out clearing up nothin.”

She added: “I’m probably the most unproblematic particular person ever. Idgaf bout nothing, but when I discover time to throw a shot again I’ll. Nothing private, all love.”


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