Exploring Asakaa, Alt Hip Hop, & Lure Politics – The Hip Hop African

This mixtape explores the social and political themes of songs from Ghana’s lure, drill (Asakaa), and different hip hop subgenres to search out “acutely aware” hip hop just isn’t its personal style, however slightly a thematic commonplace that may exist in all types of rap.

Featured songs so as: Snakes by La Même Gang; Wasteman by Black Sherif; What You Telling Me by Skyface SDW; Zombie by Kwesi Arthur; Oh My Days by Nxwrth; Carry You Go by M3NSA

Lure and drill are types of rap which can be characterised by their extra aggressive sounds. In response to Advanced’s 2018 article on lure, the style achieves its fashion through “advanced hi-hat patterns, tuned kick drums with an extended decay”. The songs of this mixtape representing lure embody La Même Gang’s Snakes and Oh My Days by Nxwrth.

Drill is a more recent style that advanced from lure. The Guardian precisely refers to drill as lure’s grittier, extra violent, and nihilistic “sonic cousin” (2012). In Ghana, drill is named Asakaa. Born in Kumerica (or the town Kumasi of the Ashanti Area of Ghana), Asakaa is revolutionizing Ghana’s hip hop scene. The songs representing Asakaa on this mixtape embody Wasteman by Black Sherif and What You Telling Me by Skyface SDW.

The third style this mixtape explores is different hip hop, a free style that any hip hop track that doesn’t match the ‘mainstream’ sound can match into. On this case, the songs of this style embody Zombie by Kwesi Arthur, Carry You Go by M3NSA.


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