What’s acid home? The right way to make a euphoric acid home monitor

This association may be very simple, with a breakdown at bar 17 the place the drums drop out and the acid lead is launched. The monitor then drops on bar 25, with the varied additional synth parts coming out and in to maintain issues participating.

If we have been to depart the acid lead’s parameters static this is able to sound okay however not significantly attention-grabbing. Nonetheless, if we automate a few of the macros we’ve arrange we will obtain a way more dynamic really feel to the monitor.

Right here’s a method you might automate this monitor. Macro 2 is the filter Cutoff, Macro 3 is the filter Resonance, Macro 4 is the filter envelope Mod Quantity, Macro 5 is the filter envelope Decay, and Macro 8 is the Glide time. Take a hearken to the audio, and listen to how the acid lead evolves over the course of the monitor.


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