8-bit oscillators with analog overdrive and a glitch lab to bend them: Liquid Sky launches d-vices

Liquid Sky d-vices have unveiled their warped limited-edition modular {hardware}: a twin oscillator with 8-bit wavetables and analog envelopes and overdrive, and a sprawling patch bay expander for circuit-bending these oscillators.

Some of the intriguing bulletins at Superbooth wasn’t at Superbooth in any respect, as a result of … nicely, delivery snafus, apparently. However by no means thoughts, we’ve been curious what the minds at Liquid Sky have been as much as and – now we get the complete view. They’re every in extraordinarily restricted first runs; particulars on the positioning.

Photos pictured are nonetheless prototypes; remaining run could change barely in look.

V4CO, by Matthias Beese (with Thilo Goldschmitz)

V4CO packs a ton of sound right into a twin oscillator – full with sub, audio and LFO switches for every, tons of 8-bit waveform choices, and analog VCA and overdrive. Specs:

twin 8 bit wavetable oscillator, every with separate subbass
– onerous sync
– 16 x 16 Waveforms – completely different for every OSC
– Every module has a base (16 x 6) set and an distinctive set (16 x 10) of waveforms
– Single outputs for every OSC / SUBOSC and blend output (w/o SUBOSC)
– Analog VCA for every oscillator
– Analog overdrive controllable through VCA
– Audio / LFO Mode for every OSC
– Waveform shuffle
– REAL 8 BIT Sound
– Detuning Perform
– 8 Oktaven
– incl. Quantizer (Chromatic)
– advanced Waveform-LFO

GLITHc by Thilo Goldschmitz

That is actually intriguing – a kind of circuit bending patch bay that expands (and mangles) the output of the V4CO. Messing with patches truly does manipulate inner routing, wavetables, and bit manipulation. I’ll have to speak to Thilo about this, because it’s an attention-grabbing strategy.

However you get a mixture of utilitarian and bizarre – sequencer, MIDI I/O, logic, mults, and bit mangling of the wavetables. Good.


a fancy glitch lab that includes:
– REAL circuit bending (you truly manipulate the inner routing)
– Bit-manipulation of
— particular person bits for Wave and Financial institution choose
— particular person bits of precise wavetable
– 4 Logic capabilities: AND/OR/NAND/NOR
– 3 mini non consecutive sequencer for
— BANK/WAVE Sequencing
— manipulating Wavetables
– multiples
– MIDI + 3 Via

In case you’re questioning, that glitch lab solely works with the V4CO – at the very least for now.

V4CO is 499 EUR (excl. VAT & delivery), or you possibly can have each it and the expander for 999 EUR.

If you happen to purchase GLITHc individually later, it’s priced at 999 EUR.

Full particulars:

preorders begins now for V4CO & GLITHc

Will get some sound samples and/or movies once we can.


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