9 Varieties Of Ukuleles & Their Makes use of (With Examples)

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  • A complete information to 9 various kinds of ukuleles
  • Learn concerning the variations in measurement, design, and makes use of
  • Common, journey, electrical, pineapple, or hybrid: What’s best for you?
  • Additionally, take a look at what number of strings a ukulele has!

Sweeter than a banjo and softer than a guitar, the ukulele is a dainty instrument with half chirpy and part-tinny naivety.

The time period ‘ukulele’ elicits visions of pineapple-shaped ukes popularized by Hawaii and the tv. That’s very exact… if you’d like a memento.

The ukulele is of Portuguese origin and is from the lute household of musical devices.

It has been round for lots of of years and is out there in many sorts primarily based on measurement and design, together with hybrid crossovers and travel-specific fashions with thinner our bodies.

Being right here, it’s secure to presume you both play or plan to choose up this musical instrument, which is a wonderful cause to study its origins and varieties. So, right here’s the shortest reply:  

There are 4 sorts of ukuleles primarily based on measurement – Soprano, Live performance, Tenor, and Baritone. However it’s also possible to categorize ukes as a normal, electrical, stable physique, pineapple-shaped, and hybrid model.

Every kind varies in development, measurement, design, tonal qualities, and worth. That’s most likely a LOT to absorb for newbies and hobbyists.

So, let’s unpack the ukulele’s variety in bite-sized chunks. Beneath, we’ll discover 9 sorts of ukulele, their sound, and their makes use of. It’ll aid you decide what to purchase in case you are available in the market for a primary (or fifth) instrument.

What Are The Forms of Ukuleles?

There are 9 sorts of ukuleles, together with the:

  1. Soprano Ukulele
  2. Live performance Ukulele
  3. Tenor Ukulele
  4. Baritone Ukulele
  5. Pineapple Ukulele
  6. Ukulele Bass or U-Bass
  7. Journey Ukulele
  8. Hybrid Ukuleles
  9. Strong-Physique and Electrical Ukuleles

1. Soprano Ukulele

After I say uke, you assume soprano! A soprano ukulele is an ordinary measurement that first appeared within the 1800s.

It’s the smallest kind in measurement and scale size, but in addition an ideal introduction to the instrument and a go-to measurement for vacationers and college students.

Soprano ukuleles are like petite guitars. They sport a 21” scale size and twelve playable frets, although slight variations will probably be primarily based on the make/mannequin.

Tone-wise, they’ve the basic thin-and-bright ukulele sound, good for jangly strumming or vocal accompaniment.

Makes use of

Most youngsters and younger adults begin studying on a soprano ukulele as a result of it’s small and cheaply priced. It additionally has low string stress, which makes it straightforward for college students to stress chords and bend strings.

The soprano’s compact dimensions are good for on-the-go use and if in case you have small(er) arms, nevertheless it’s acceptable for nearly any ability stage.


Is The Soprano Ukulele Appropriate For Adults?

The soprano ukulele’s skinny neck and cramped frets make it difficult to play for adults.

Furthermore, it’s troublesome to stress chords if in case you have stubby fingers, and the 12 playable frets can limit taking part in superior items as you progress. Nevertheless, most average-sized adults can modify to the soprano uke with out points.  

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2. Live performance Ukulele

A live performance ukulele, additionally known as an alto ukulele, has a 23” scale size, making it the second smallest measurement within the instrument household. It’s bigger and louder than a soprano and prices extra too.

A live performance uke could be tuned to the usual or low-G tuning (tuning down the G-string by an octave).

This ukulele kind is just a few inches bigger than a soprano, however little goes a good distance with tone and playability.

The bump in physique measurement provides extra resonance and mid-range to its sound, which implies strummed chords sound richer and fewer ‘tinny’ on a live performance ukulele.

Makes use of

A mean grownup can simply play a live performance ukulele, and the neck width and fret measurement make it pleasurable for college students and execs.

Secondly, a live performance uke can have as much as 20 frets, which supplies intermediate and superior gamers extra notes up the fingerboard.

The longer neck creates more room between the frets, so gamers with bigger arms discover it straightforward to play. You may discover bigger sizes, however the live performance measurement will suffice most often, no matter age or measurement.   

P.S. – Billie Eilish makes use of a live performance ukulele, a signature mannequin by Fender.

3. Tenor Ukulele

The tenor ukulele is even greater and broader than a live performance uke. It has a 26” scale size and might have 15 to twenty frets.

The tenor measurement is probably the most versatile kind of ukulele as a result of it may be tuned linear (GCEA), re-entrant (gCEA), or an octave decrease (DGBE) like a baritone ukulele.

Tonally talking, a tenor uke rings out louder and longer than a live performance uke, irrespective of the word or chord.

Some gamers want the tenor over a live performance as a result of they just like the sound of any such ukulele, described as fuller, deeper, and extra balanced than its smaller siblings.

Makes use of

A tenor ukulele has extra frets, wider string spacing, and wonderful word definition, which makes it splendid for fingerpicking or taking part in solos.

Moreover, any such ukulele has a bigger physique, so it tasks extra quantity than a live performance or soprano uke. Playability advantages from roomier frets and lots of tenor ukes have a cutaway design, permitting quick access to greater registers.

Most ukulele gamers want the tenor as a result of it has extra frets and a richer sound. It’s splendid for adults or gamers who’ve progressed to superior classes or fingerpicking, however children with small arms might discover it barely difficult to make use of.  

Professional Tip: Live performance ukuleles are extra common as a result of tenors are costly, and the marginally smaller scale size of a live performance gained’t essentially restrict what you may play.

Customized-made ukuleles with a live performance physique and tenor neck are additionally common locally. 

4. Baritone Ukulele

The baritone ukulele is the most important amongst all sorts of ukuleles. Name the ‘bari uke,’ it’s a lot bigger than a soprano and somewhat smaller than a 1/8-size guitar.

This instrument has a 30” scale size with 19 or extra frets primarily based on the make/mannequin.

A bari uke is tuned to a baritone tuning (D-G-B-E) and has a protracted, extensive neck with a lot of house between the frets.

Whether or not strummed or fingerpicked, a baritone ukulele has a heat tone with full-sounding mids and lows.

It lacks the jangly character of different (smaller) sorts of ukuleles and sounds considerably like a classical guitar nylon-string guitar however with extra twang to it.

Makes use of

A baritone ukulele is common for fingerpicking, blues, and folks music. Some gamers select to tune it to the usual ukulele tuning (G-C-E-A), which ends up in higher playability and distinctive tonality.

Nevertheless, you are able to do this solely with specifically designed baritone ukulele strings. 

Fretting chords on a bari includes critical finger stretches, so it’s not the go-to selection for youths or individuals with small arms.

Nevertheless, it has the identical tuning as a guitar’s first 4 strings, making it common with guitarists who wish to choose up a second instrument. 

Is A Baritone Ukulele Simple To Play Or Good For Novices?

The baritone uke is a transposing instrument, tuned in a different way and never really helpful for absolute newbies.

You don’t must be taught new scale patterns or chord shapes to play it, however you may’t learn tabs or observe classes for “regular” ukuleles.

That’s as a result of the notes you fret on a baritone uke are an ideal fifth decrease, so that you’ll must transpose tabs to compensate for the tuning. 

5. Pineapple Ukulele

The pineapple ukulele has an oval physique, in contrast to the figure-eight form of different sorts of ukuleles. Some gamers love its seems. Others say the dearth of inward curves makes it awkward to play.

In addition to that, it doesn’t differ from different physique kinds relating to neck profile and tuning.

A pineapple uke could be tuned to gCEA or normal baritone ukulele tuning, nevertheless it sounds very totally different. The oval-body form pushes out extra air, so it’s comparatively louder.

Secondly, the dearth of inward curves leads to a mellower sound in comparison with conventional ukes, however the form can really feel awkward in case you are used to taking part in common ukuleles.

Makes use of

The primary pineapple ukulele was created within the Nineteen Twenties by Kamaka, a well-known producer of Hawaiian ukuleles.

It began as an ordinary oval-shaped uke, however many observers identified the way it regarded like a pineapple. Kamaka leaned in, added a pretend texture, and patented the design.

Pineapple-shaped ukes are the last word Hawaiian memento. These ukuleles are straightforward to pack and have a slight benefit if you’d like a journey ukulele.

They’re additionally common with college students, significantly children enthused by their quirky colours and designs. Most pineapple ukes are available live performance measurement, however there are a couple of oval-shaped live shows, tenor, and bari ukes within the present market.

Professional-tip: Some gamers really feel a pineapple uke comes off as a toy, however that’s an insular means to have a look at it. Nevertheless, the form will restrict your selection of body-specific equipment like gig baggage.

6. Ukulele Bass or U-Bass

The U-bass was launched in 2009 by Kala, one of many oldest and most respected ukulele manufacturers.

Be aware that ukulele-bass hybrids (or bass ukuleles) have a definite tone and utility, and they enchantment to bass gamers greater than ukulele fans.

The Uke-bass has a distinctive tone with huge lows and a brief decay. It produces a deep, booming bass tone usable for numerous musical kinds and genres.

With a little bit of tweaking, the u-bass can sound extremely near an upright bass. 

Makes use of

Bass ukuleles are a distinct segment instrument price exploring for his or her distinctive really feel and sound.

The small measurement and light-weight physique make them good for noodling or journey, however they aren’t a novelty or follow instrument, and lots of well-known bassists have used them in studios and dwell performances. 

7. Journey Ukulele

Does a tiny instrument just like the ukulele warrant a singular design to journey with? It does.

The uke is likely one of the hottest devices amongst vacationers, and producers goal them with “journey ukuleles” – ultra-thin variations of ordinary ukes in live performance and tenor measurement. 

Journey ukes are slim, light-weight, and constructed for the trials of outside taking part in. In truth, some fashions are even constituted of waterproof composite supplies.

These kind of ukuleles have ultra-thin our bodies, which comes with a trade-off – much less depth of tone for extra portability. 

Makes use of

Journey ukuleles are for, nicely, vacationers. No rocket science there. Solely a handful of fashions from manufacturers like Kala, Martin, Blackbird, and others exist.

These devices vary from $50 to $300, they usually usually function a stable high with laminated again and sides. We’d advocate it for backpackers or in the event you love taking part in at a campfire or on the seaside. 

8. Hybrid Ukuleles

There are a number of sorts of ukulele hybrids; going into the small print would warrant one other article. So, we clubbed all of them into one class for the sake of simplicity.

A hybrid refers to any instrument that crosses a uke with one other instrument, like a banjolele (banjo ukulele). Merely put, a banjo ukulele has the physique of a banjo however the measurement and string tuning of a daily ukulele.

It’s the most well-liked hybrid, adopted by the guitalele, u-bass, and harp ukulele.

Makes use of

Uke hybrids are area of interest, and their traits fluctuate primarily based on the design. Imaginably, any such ukulele just isn’t for newbies.

A well-made hybrid is dear, and also you gained’t discover numerous educational materials to be taught it by your self. However they’re enjoyable devices for professional gamers who wish to discover new sounds or experiment with uncommon sorts of ukuleles. 

Well-known musicians like George Harrison (The Beatles) and Brian Might (Queen) have performed the banjo ukulele in a number of recordings.

Gracie Terzian is understood for her work with the harp ukulele, and George Formby is likely one of the most well-known banjo ukulele gamers. 

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9. Strong-Physique and Electrical Ukuleles

An electrical ukulele might seek advice from an acoustic-electric or a solid-body ukulele. The acoustic-electric model is actually an ordinary uke with an digital pickup system.

However, stable physique ukes have an electromagnetic pickup and steel strings. They’re nearer to an electrical guitar than the normal uke sound however is usually a nifty addition to a well-rounded instrument assortment.

This video demonstrates what a stable physique ukulele feels like: 

Makes use of 

Acoustic-electric and solid-body ukuleles could be performed by means of an amplifier or recorded straight. So, they are perfect for studio recordings or dwell performances.

Moreover, a stable physique uke can deal with distortion and hi-gain settings with out creating suggestions, which is not possible with different sorts of ukuleles.

You may play an acoustic-electric uke with out amplification, and it sounds precisely like an acoustic ukulele. Nevertheless, a stable physique uke isn’t meant to be performed unplugged.

Its plugged-in sound and maintain are very totally different from an acoustic ukulele because of the metal strings and stable physique slab. 


What’s The Greatest Sort of Ukulele For A Newbie?

Most newbies begin studying on a soprano ukulele as a result of it’s cheap and available. Adults can select a live performance uke as a substitute of the soprano if it feels extra snug.

A tenor also can work as a newbie ukulele; different sizes really feel too awkward, nevertheless it prices rather more than a soprano.

Do You Strum Or Decide A Ukulele?

You may strum or choose a ukulele, and totally different sorts of gamers use each strategies. Some ukulele gamers use skinny nylon picks, whereas others use their fingers’ fleshy pads or nails to strum the instrument.

You should utilize both method to strum or choose a ukulele, however they produce notably totally different sounds that change with the ukulele kind. 

What Sort Of Ukulele Is Most Widespread?

A Soprano ukulele is the commonest kind of ukulele. It’s cheap, kid-friendly, and has the normal ukulele sound/tone.

This quintessential newbie ukulele is good for newbies, hobbyists, and dabblers. Furthermore, it’s the smallest (and most transportable) measurement within the ukulele household.

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