Chvrles Vnthony Delivers an Introspective File with “On & On”

“DC-native recording artist Chvrles Vnthony’s single ‘On & On’ is a pristine combination of introspection, soul, and ambition. Over easy manufacturing a soundscape of lush chords, filtered muted keys, soulful background vocals, deep bent basslines, and programmed drums that knock with Gospel-chop fills at every crescendo.  

Chvrles Vnthony dives deep inside and delivers ‘On & On’ like a mission assertion masking matters like course, function, ambition, drive and perseverance. All making ‘On & On’ greater than a private providing however an anthem for all who’re motivated. After a profitable SXSW journey Chvrles Vnthony is exhibiting all who doubted why he’s “unstoppable however you didn’t hear”, making an influence that solely retains listeners wanting extra.  

Go to his web site at or observe Chvrles Vnthony on all socials at @ChvrlesVnthony” 


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