From the Streets to the Studio through the Boulevard of Soul –

DAYSINBOSTON by the NYC luminary, dom extremely, is a masterful mix of soul and innovation, marking a major second in his musical journey, which is about to succeed in a significant milestone with the drop of his upcoming debut venture, PRESENTING: ROY HUNTER, which is due for launch in March 2024.

The wavy, luxe manufacturing transports listeners from the gritty streets of Boston to the center of his fervently hypnotic creativity. The usage of ethereally distorted backing vocals provides an suave, gospel-esque layer to the monitor, making a wealthy, multi-dimensional sound whereas dom extremely ensnares with the flexibility within the lead vox, as he effortlessly shifts from a spoken phrase cadence to dancehall-ready vox.

The hypnotic distortion across the pattern in the direction of the outro amplifies the Bon Iver affect, a nod to dom extremely’s numerous musical inspirations. This component provides a textured, virtually dreamlike high quality to the monitor, mixing seamlessly with the soulful undercurrents.

Since his early days with Oblivius Music, dom extremely has advanced into an artist who defies style constraints. DAYSINBOSTON is proof that he’s nonetheless driving excessive on the fumes of his distinctively pioneering flare.

DAYSINBOSTON was formally launched on January 19th; stream the one on Spotify.

Evaluation by Amelia Vandergast


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