New to mixing? Methods to combine your personal music

6. Place parts throughout the stereo subject

The human mind makes use of timing, frequency, sound stress degree (SPL), dynamics, and reverb to localize sounds. Utilizing numerous mixing strategies, you’ll be able to trick the brains of music listeners into perceiving your combine in three dimensions. Think about sitting in entrance of a pair of audio system, equally spaced aside. If you play a track by means of these audio system, you’ll be capable to understand the size of top, depth, and width.

Low-frequency sounds shall be perceived beneath high-frequency sounds. Quiet, compressed, and reverberant sounds shall be perceived additional away than loud, dynamic, and dry sounds. A stereo sound enjoying the very same info by means of the left and proper speaker will sound prefer it’s enjoying from a phantom sound supply immediately between the audio system. Decreasing the extent of one of many channels will pull the sound supply towards the other speaker.

A large combine can sound fuller, richer, and extra partaking than a slender combine. Saturation, compression, and EQ primarily have an effect on the peak and depth of a combination whereas having little impact on its width. bx_enhancer has a devoted Mono Maker, Stereo Width, and Pan knob that let you management the place of sounds alongside a combination’s horizontal axis.


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